Huizedhuys - MODX Revolution
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Some highlights that are worth visiting:

Wat te zien in de streek

Antiques and flea market

Tongeren / 8 km

Lazy lie-in on a Sunday morning. At 7 am Belgium's oldest city starts transforming into an enormous, almost medieval, market place. Around 40 prestigious antique shops and 350 specialist stall holders display centuries-old antiques, second-hand, design, vintage and rare collector's items. Thousands of visitors from all over the world flock to this weekly top antiques event.

Wat te zien in de streek


Zutendaal / 20 km

Use all your senses and both feet to observe the special stimuli of wood, stones, tree chips, grass, loam and water on a carefully designed trail. Cold and warm, damp and dry, pleasant and stimulating alternate during a route of almost 3 km long, which is only accessible on bare feet.

Wat te zien in de streek

The Wine Castle

Genoels-Ellderen / op 1 km

The Wine Castle of Genoels-Elderen is with its 25 hectares of vineyards, the largest wine domain in the country, and welcomes every year some 15 000 visitors. Guides will show you around the park, the vineyards, a rose garden, the distillery, the press house and the cellars which date from the 13th to the 20th century

Wat te zien in de streek


Bokrijk / 30 km

Although, in 2019, the open-air museum itself has only witnessed 61 springs, Bokrijk's history reaches a bit further back in time.‘Buscurake’ was first mentioned in 1252. However, it would take until 1938 before the Province of Limburg became the owner of the site and 1953 before the plans to build an open-air museum became official.