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Huize D'Huys?



Nice detached garden, ideal for children to play or for a cozy barbecue.





Infrared sauna

Unlike the traditional "Finnish" sauna, the operation of an infrared sauna is based on the (invisible) infrared radiant heat generated by various types of radiators. The typical feature of infrared heat is that this heat is transferred to the skin without the use of warm air.


Bubble bath

If you choose to stay at Huizedhuys, you really lack nothing. Our accommodation offers space and luxury and is stylishly furnished. Indulge yourself with extra facilities such as a bubble bath or infrared sauna. Enjoy extra luxury, after all it's a holiday!


Dogs welcome

Do you like to go on holiday with your pet? What could be more fun than walking together through beautiful nature for hours and then spending the night blissfully? You can take your pet on vacation with Huizedhuys.